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WHAT’S THE STORY? Friends, Foes, and Everything in Between

Recap for  Ilona Andrews’, Magic Rises: They need a cure for what makes were’s go insane during their first change. They’ve been promised a massive amount of the panacea if they can protect Desandra.

Kate battling HughKate, Curran, and gang have arrived at the port of Garga to protect Desandra from her would be assassins. You see Desandra is pregnant with twins … from different fathers. The first born child will receive the rights to Prislop pass in northern Romania. The pass has a ley line (like a magic super highway) and anyone traveling from Russia to Romania (and all the places in between) goes through there. Therefore, the child will inherit a landfall, except dear old grandpa has changed his mind (i.e. if the babies aren’t born, he gets to keep the pass).

So, you have Grandpa Jarek and both families of the unborn children wanting the pass, no problem except that one of the groups are chimeras, feline like head and body with wings and sharp scales…GREAT. Oh, and they eat humans and are almost impossible to kill.

Everyone’s first evening is interesting. The castle doesn’t belong to any of the families involved in the dispute, like Kate and everyone thinks. No, it belongs to Hugh d’Ambray. Yep, that’s right, Kate’s daddy’s commander. Uh, oh. I guess there is some ulterior motive at work here. Why is Hugh testing Kate instead of turning her over to her father? In a move calculated to test Kate’s fighting ability, Hugh challenges her to a sparring contest. At first Kate refuses, but when he offers an incentive, she agrees and commences to putting a severe hurt on Hugh. When she wins instead of asking for one of the beautiful weapons that he has hanging on the wall, she asks for the freedom of a man who has been caged and starved. It isn’t until the man starts talking that Kate figures out he is deranged.

Needless to say there is a huge battle. Thanks to Astamur (a hermit that Kate met earlier), who appears with his magical staff, and appears to have been around forever, or close to it, fights off Hugh, while Kate and crew escape, with heavy losses. But somehow, the eccentric and slightly insane man that Kate rescued knows how to make panacea. Mission accomplished.

By: Katelyn Scott and Adele Robinson


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I am a 43 year old mother of 7 and grandmother of 3. I love art, reading, and kids. I enrolled in college at age 42 and decided to take 2 majors (English and Graphic Design). My kids range in age from 26 - 6 so they keep me very active (and hopefully modernish).

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