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Musically Inclined: Movie Soundtracks

Ever watched a movie and the music struck you so much that it was the most rememberable aspect of the movie? Some movie sound tracks are as popular as, or even more so than the actual movie. Personally, one of my favorite movie sound tracks from back when I was younger would be the soundtrack to “Mulan”. Do you remember any of those songs?

The movie soundtrack, is meant to bring the appropriate emotion to the scene or in some cases, such as musicals or Disney movies, the music is a large part of the film. Sometimes the script is put into songs, so instead of saying things the characters will sing them. A great example of this would be the “Lion King”. An extremely famous soundtrack. Most people can at least sing or recognize one song in the “Lion King”.

However, I realize that all these movies I have listed so far have been cartoon movies. There are some notable non-cartoon movie soundtracks. For instance, “Mamma Mia” has a great deal of songs sung by the actors on their soundtrack. Even though not all of the actors are professional singers they do a great job and did well on their soundtrack sales.


A soundtrack to a movie is so much more important than people sometimes realize. It makes the movie, sets the tone, mood and makes you feel the emotion of the movie. I guarantee that if you closed your eyes and just listened to the music for the movie you could have a pretty good idea of what was going on.


What are some of your favorite movie soundtracks?


-Ali Frater and CJ Rodrigue


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