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Tech Logic: PMC’s Twenty 23 Speakers

Now to start off these speakers are on the expensive side for just two-way floorstander, but I am about to tell you all the reasons that these speakers are worth buying.

Before we start praising the new PMC’s, let’s be clear that physics dictates that any speaker sporting a single, relatively small 14-cm mid/bass unit is always going to struggle to match larger rivals when it comes to volume levels and bass reach. With that being stated, the combination of high to mid bass driver and the PMC’s transmission line-bass loading technique makes this remarkably capable in both respects. When you are changing songs from lets say Deadmau5 to Maroon 5  the leading edges of notes and naturally hard-charching sense of rhythm drive it changes down a gear effortlessly. PMC is one of the few companies around that uses a transmission line design to improve the bass performance of its speakers. If I wanted to buy speakers for my apartment I would save up and buy these, with the classy look it would look great in the living room!


PMC Twenty 23

This is how much they are worth- £2,095

PMC Twenty 23



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