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WHAT’S THE STORY? Andrea Nash in Gunmetal Magic

AndreaIlona Andrews has written what I call the Magic series (because each book has “magic” in the title). If you’ve been following this post then you are acquainted with Kate Daniels (the main character of the series); and if you’ve read the series, you know Kate’s friend, Andrea Nash. Like Kate, Andrea worked for the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid. Well, Andrea’s character has merited her own book, Gunmetal Magic.

The title of the new book reflects Andrea’s fighting ability, which is perfection with guns, all kinds of guns, but her favorite sidearm is the Sig-Sauer P226. Oh, and she is a shapeshifter, which is why she no longer works for the Order; they couldn’t have a filthy animal working for the Order. But, Andrea isn’t a normal were; weres are defined as humans able to shift into animal form, Andrea’s father was an animal that could change into a human. Andrea’s mother was a normal were, unfortunately for Andrea when she was born, she was born like her father. Sorry, I digress.

After being fired from the Order, she goes to work for Kate’s investigative firm. While Kate is working another case, Andrea takes on a case concerning the death of several shapeshifters from Clan Bouda; the deaths occurred at a dig site. This isn’t a normal dig site by our standards, remember that the city is falling apart because of the magic, causing buildings to collapse and creatures to emerge from nowhere. Oh, and heads up, the male alpha (Rahael) of Clan Bouda is Andrea’s ex-boyfriend.

Well, much like Kate, Andrea loves a good fight and as she digs deeper into the case she gets a huge fight, with Anubis. Yep, the Egyptian God. His plan is to resurrect Apep (a kind of snake god) and then save the world from the monster. This will of course make people worship Anubis again and he will gain more power. But like Kate, Andrea saves the world with a lot of blood and guts thrown in, regains Raphael as a boyfriend, and becomes 2nd in command of Clan Bouda.

My favorite scene from this particular book is when Andrea and Raphael are chased from Anubis’ house by a giant beast. It is described as “big as a Rhino,” with jaws like a crocodile, huge claws, and a mane of brown tentacles that could charge with magic and shoot lightning. In the battle, Raphael and Andrea turn into their bouda forms and tear the beast apart, literally. They later find out that the beast belongs to Anubis, so he just resurrects it as needed.

Join us next week and get the background on Andrea and what it takes to be a Bouda.

By: Katelyn Scott and Adele Robinson


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