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Musically Inclined: Underground



This week on Musically Inclined, we will be discussing underground music. Underground music is a collection of artists that aren’t popular, or just haven’t yet achieved the recognition that most people believe they deserve. The underground can be a beautiful place that builds an artist up and shows how great they can be, or it can be a cruel mistress that tears down the artist and leaves them in shambles. It is a place that is the basis or roots for many artists, it is viewed as the lowest level or  a place of beginnings. The underground isn’t just a place or a shroud that you can easily ditch, no, a lot of artists always carry the name of the underground like a badge of honor. Eminem a famous Hip-Hop artist loves to refer back to his days in the underground.

Hip-Hop is the most popular music that is viewed as underground. But what about other genres? the underground has all of your favorites, R&B, Rock, Alternative, Pop, even Country. The underground scene shifts between different genres. The Hip-Hip scene is seen as the preverbal small rooms, with a little stage and two artists battling on the stage. As for rock, holes in the wall that are normally a crowded room with a stage and lots of amps. Then for country, think back on all of the movies you’ve seen, ever remember a bar scene in which it’s just the singer and his/her guitar? yeah, thats it. So whatever scene it may be or which artist, the underground is ready to promote or devour the dreams of many.

What do you think of underground music? Do you have a favorite underground music artist?

By CJ Rodrigue and Ali Frater


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