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Musically Inclined: The Final Post


For our final post CJ and I wanted to do something fun and entertaining! So we decided to post about parodies and who better to talk about than the king of parodies, Weird Al Yankovich. He is notorious for taking artists songs and turning them into something funny or even to the degree of making fun of the original artist. Ever heard of “Ridin’ Dirty” well what about the better version, (in my opinion), “White and Nerdy”. Weird Al takes these songs and changes the lyrics but keeps the song the same, it just is a joke now. As a singer you cannot exactly consider Weird Al that great of a singer but his nasally voice somewhat adds to the humorous aspect of the song. He is insanely popular and successful from his parody career. As a little kid I feel like the music I ever listened to was Weird Al. On top of a good song-writer, he is an incredible performer. A few years back my brother and mom went to one of his concerts and said that the show was so lively and entertaining.

Now for your pure entertainment I will some of Weird Al’s best songs!

“White and Nerdy” originally “Ridin Dirty” by Chamillionaire

“Eat It” originally “Beat It” by Michael Jackson

“eBay” originally “I want it That Way” by The Backstreet Boys

A final signing out! -Ali Frater and CJ Rodrigue


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