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Power Nap

well this weeks topic is science fiction and as such i had a dilly of a pickle trying to narrow my choices down to just one but after a toss up between power nap and string theory i had to go with power nap (but seriously go read string theory too.)

how would one sum up such a good comic well if i was a voice over artist for a movie it would probably go something like this:

In a world in which no one sleeps thanks to anti sleep pill: z-sleep  man who happens to be allergic to the supplement is severely disadvantaged. with a sixteen hour work week and a hour commute he gets six hours of sleep a day and as such starts to have hallucinations… or are they? (the awnser is yes to both)

when his dreams start to bleed into the real world causing gradatudinous amounts of destruction he thinks he is going nuts. then things start getting really weird when he is transfered to a research division at his office building and made to sleep through the use of a sleep spider.

now he is battling monsters in the realm of his subconscious with the help of several other sleep deprived subconscious warriors.

power nap is an aswsome comic with really good illustrations that are consistently funny. the plot line is interesting and i eagerly await each and every post. unfortunitly the artist takes forever though he has been doing it for a while.

now that the post is out of the way i have to say that this is going to be the last illiteracy post as i  am no longer being forced to create this blog and have loathed every minute of it (not really(but not really))

anyways here is the goodbye from the more emotional members of the illiteracy team: D and Natalia. Goodbye, it was weird and a little fun. This is an experience that will never leave us and to our nonexistent fanbase we will miss you dearly. Goodbye and farewell!!!!!!

Here is a picture to display our sorrows . . . um, the scanner isn’t working, so . . . Here is a video instead, the song that encompasses our mixed emotions. (Evil Scanner!)


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