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Cupcakes for Fall

Looking for a way to spice up a Fall cupcake this is one that we found that caught our attention and are ready to try.  It is something fun and easy that anyone can do.    

You begin by making your favorite cupcakes.  For us, we are going to try them with pumpkin spice cake.  Use your favorite cupcake recipe that you would enjoy eating.  

Make sure to use orange cupcake liners for this is a big part of making them.  

You will also need 4 green licorice twists, 1 can of vanilla frosting, orange food coloring to dye the frosting and 1 cup of orange sugar.  ( you can use the orange sprinkle crystals)  

You will cut the licorice twists into 3/4 inch pieces, that will be used for the pumpkin stems

You will then tint the vanilla frosting with food coloring

You will then place the orange decorating sugar in a shallow bowl

Spread the orange frosting onto the cupcakes, and roll the cupcake tops in the sugar to cover completely

You will now start to pipe the excess orange frosting onto the cupcakes making lines to form the pumpkin 

You will then finish off by placing the green licorice pieces as the stems of the pumpkin

Your final product should look like the picture below


Post by Erica & Tawny

Brought to you by: Hello, Cupcake book by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson




One comment on “Cupcakes for Fall

  1. schreinerdesigner

    My cupcakes NEVER turn out like the pictures!

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