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Gnosco: Autobiography

Usually, being a “yes man” has negative connotations. After reading a certain British account, however, I think minds will be changed.

Yes Man by Danny Wallace is, to begin with, not dense, soulful, mopey, etc. It is not too cheerful though, like expected from the title, not covered with a sappy sugar glaze. I can happily state it is middle-of-the road, a story of an average man who wants to change his life, and most importantly it is real. The storytelling is simple, not too embellished or flowery. Hopefully the feel seeps through as I state all it is not.

In his narrative, Mr. Wallace tells how meeting an advice-giving mystery man on the bus changed his perspective in an instant, and set in motion a new life. Right away, Danny seeks out any and all outlets of his three word philosophy – “Say Yes More.” His friends are skeptical of his ideas. His ex-girlfriend thinks he’s gone mad. He starts getting in over his head. Somehow, the “Power of Yes” not only gets him through, but puts him above where he started and happier than he’s ever been.

It has been made into a movie, which I saw before I read the book, and I can tell you that the movie takes the “yes” concept only(and even twists that around a bit). The book is the philosophy, the usage, and the outcome of “yes”, where the movie is just “yes” voodoo, romance, and movie stars (but it does pull some laughs, I admit). This is a major READ THE BOOK moment, so please catch the true tale of how it happened to Danny Wallace instead of just being satiated with a Jim Carry Jokefest. You can do that afterwards.



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