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Best Supermarket Snacks

I’ve always been a big fan of snacking whether it’s at home or if I’m grabbing something quick and running out the door. Over the past couple years I’ve compiled a group of my tried and true favorites, I just can’t seem to quit going back to these products. Firstly I must say that everything I mention can be found at H.E.B.

First in my list of favorites is Oikos Greek yogurt by Dannon. I tend to stick with the strawberry and raspberry flavors, but they offer so many more to suit any taste. I personally love Greek yogurt because it’s much more rich than what we may recognize as traditional yogurt, This is something I’ll eat for breakfast or as a snack between classes.

Next I have my most favorite salty snack which is the Deli Style Pretzel Crisps in the flavor “Everything” by Snack Factory. I had never been a huge fan of pretzels, but these are truly worth a try. They come in other flavors such as Buffalo Wing, Garlic Parmesan, and the Original. I usually have mine plain or with hummus, however I’m sure they’d be amazing with some queso as well.

Another healthy favorite is the Love Crunch granola in the flavor Apple Crumble. This is great to put in place of something sweet like candy or cookies. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes apples, pecans, and cinnamon. I like to have this alone or mixed into my cereal or yogurt. There are even tiny granny smith apple pieces in the mix to add that perfect amount of tart sweetness.

I love fruity and gummy snacks, therefore I fell in love with the H.E.B. brand Fruit Twists in Strawberry. They also carry a Mixed Berry flavor which I love as well. If you like snacks like Fruit Rollups or Gushers, definitely give these a try. They look like licorice ropes, but are more jelly like. They’re made with real fruit, so you don’t have to feel so guilty while enjoying these sweet snacks.

Last, but not least is something I’m sure many know and love. I’ve recently tried the Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp wafers and I cannot put them down. I cannot recommend these enough for anyone with a sweet tooth or if you just love chocolate. I plan on trying the other flavors and varieties of candy available at my grocery store and I’ll be looking out for any new creations. Also I have been told that Skinny Cow also makes an ice cream with the chocolate wafer pieces, mmm, I’ll have to try that one next and let you know what I think!



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