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Gnosco: Mystery

(Photo Courtesy of Toronto Public Library)

When I think mystery, I think detectives, and who else comes to mind than Sherlock Holmes, a veritable detective king? The big ticket item for him is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles, a crime novel with a supernatural twist. In this story,  the detective has to track down a family curse that has come alive in the form of a giant, vicious hound.
When a wealthy man dies of mysterious circumstances, his only heir plans a return to his family home and finds himself threatened – by way of a letter and a missing personal item. He believes his family curse has come to rest with him, and calls upon Sherlock Holmes to free him from this otherworldly scourge. With Holmes as his detective and Watson as his bodyguard, Sir Henry Baskerville will have his answer… if he can survive that long.
The book is a certain classic, with a specific charm enhancing the older versions one might dig up that have been used to the point of a warm tone to the pages and a charming scent of age and wisdom. Its narration by Holmes’ loyal sidekick Dr. John H. Watson provides a terrific perspective into the story, and clouds the reader’s eye from the detective’s mind (making the whodunit solution even more surprising than, say, if it were narrated by Holmes himself).



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