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Myth Madness! Egyptian Hero- The Artful Thief

There wasn’t much in the way of heroes that weren’t already gods in Egyptian culture. Set, Orsiris, Ra, and all others are primarily depicted as gods that reguarly visit the mortal realm. More or less this drove me to look into Egyptian tales and this particular one caught my eye.

Its about a thief.

The story has its beginnings before the great pyramids are built. The current pharaoh had countless riches. As the pyramids were built he stored nearly all of his earthly riches inside the stone vaults. One of the architects wanted the treasure for himself so he built a movable stone to pilfer the treasure later.

It wasn’t to be however as he soon died, but not before informing his two sons about his plan. Naturally the boys would infiltrate the place and slowly loot it. The pharaoh was troubled that his guards were unable to guard properly so he constructed a trap. Probably the precursor trap that ALL pyramids had later and we later wrote stories and movies about. Unfortunately for the boys the trap worked and snared one of them. He knew he was dead anyway so he told his brother to lop his head off and escape.

The Egyptian King found the headless body, but without prior knowledge of who the boy was, he was as confused as ever. Pharaoh hung the decapitated body in the middle of the town, hoping the other culprit would come to grieve. The other brother disguised himself as a wine merchant and with cunning dissuaded the guards. While they were distracted and drunk he stole the body. At this point the Pharaoh was so impressed at being blatantly defeated that he sent out a pardon and summon for the thief to appear before him. With Pharaoh’s word being law the other brother appeared, gained the king’s blessing and even a wife; the Pharaoh’s own daughter.


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