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Myth Madness: Nut

Yes Nut. No not like the snack in your trail mix. I’m talking about the Egyptian goddess.


Nut doesn’t rule over the heavens but is the personification of the sky and heavens. She is thought to have a body arching all across the sky and wear a dress made of stars. Egyptians believed that at the end of the day she would eat Ra, the sun god, and give birth to him the next morning.

But, there’s also a less weird version where Ra simply uses a special boat to ride across her body during the day.

Like most gods, she married her sibling; the Earth god Geb. She had five children with him but not without some interference. Ra, being the jealous sun god he is, was annoyed that Geb and Nut were locked in a “perpetual embrace” and ordered Shu, the god of air, to separate them (Shu actually holds up Nut so that the sky and Earth are separated).

shu Here’s Shu being the middle man.

Ra even went so far as to demand that Nut bear no children on any day of the calendar. But, Thoth, the bearer of hieroglyphics, won five “epagomenal days” from the moon so Nut had five children. Sounds like a lot of family squabbling.

Because Nut is thought to “rebirth the sun” she is considered to be a mother like protector of the dead. Her image is often painted on the outside of sarcophagus to protect the mummy inside.



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