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Fall-time Candy and Snacks

Fall has to be my favorite season of all, the weather is nice and don’t even get me started on the food! This week I wanted to feature some of my absolute favorite fall snacks from no other than Cracker Barrel. The reason I chose Cracker Barrel specifically is because I’m a server there, and for the past two years I’ve gained a few tried and true favorites. Words cannot describe the love I have for these tiny Sour Gummy Pumpkins. Contrary to the name, they don’t taste like pumpkin at all. They’re an orange gummy candy coated with slightly sour sugar crystals. I always eat these things throughout my shifts and whenever I get the chance (I may have a slight problem). I usually pick up a couple of them toward the end of my Friday night shifts and take them to my boyfriend, who I have successfully gotten hooked on these things as well. There are so many other great things available to snack on from the retail store as well so I’d suggest you take a look around, but definitely give the gummy pumpkins a chance. Hurry up while we still have them!



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This entry was posted on 09/18/2014 by in Cook N Class.
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