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Myth Madness: Sigmund


This week on Myth Madness- Heroes, we have the Norse legend of Sigmund!

Sigmund is a very popular name in current titles, media, and movies for almost anyone who is knightly and superbly heroic, but for the legend it is tragic and not very knightly. Sigmund was the son of Volsung and Ljod (Hljod). He was brother of Signy, a twin, and apparently nine others. After a bit of digging one would assume they weren’t important enough to be named in the legend. Odin had a legendary sword named Balmung embeded in a large tree, and most people could not pull the blade from his home. Sigmund was the only person who could draw out the magic sword Balmung from the great tree. It was said that whoever held Balmung would win every war they entered so naturally one could easily see the strategic benefits of this enchanted blade.

(also did you notice any similarities about drawing swords out of difficult sheathes? King Arthur maybe?)

Siggeir, his father’s guest, proposed marriage to his sister simply because he wanted to buy the sword. Sigmund refused and angered Siggeir, who plotted to destroy all of Sigmund’s family. While his father and brothers were killed, he survived along with his sister. Shortly after some serious weird stuff with incest and Sigmund flipping between partners faster than a fast food burger joint, He ended up becoming the ‘king’ of the Huns with his and sister’s son as his second in command. He married one girl, fell in love with another woman named Hjordis. Her suitor got angry, led a army to take care of Sigmund.

Sigmund eventually fell and apparently Lyngi, Hjordis’ suitor, wasn’t the only one upset at Sigmund’s shenanigans. Odin who had originally gave the blade to Sigmund, now shattered it at Sigmund’s defeat. He ended up telling Hjordis to take the shattered blade and when their unborn son grew old enough, give him the weapon so he would have a sword.

Sigurd, his son apparently went off to have many other adventures including killing a dragon.

People say we have unrealistic heroes and idols today…


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