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Myth Madness: Skadi


Myth Madness : Skadi

Skadi is a Norse giant and goddess of winter and the hunt. She is also associated with the goddess of marriage.

Which is odd considering her own marriage was a failure.

Skadi married Njord, the gloomy god/giant who ruled over ocean and rivers. She originally wanted to marry a god named Baldur but ended up choosing Njord for his beautiful bare feet. Quite a strange decision breaker. In the end Njord couldn’t stand the ever snowing mountains that she roamed and Skadi couldn’t tolerate the light and noise that surrounded Njord’s seashore. So they parted.

Skadi is also considered to be the goddess of Justice, Vengeance, and Righteous Anger. She was the one who delivered the sentence upon Loki to be bound underground with a serpent dripping poison upon his face in payment for his crimes. Seems pretty extreme to me.

Skadi is depicted as wearing skies, snowshoes, and a bow on her back to hunt with. Although she is also a giant, which when translated directly from Old Norse were called “Devourers”, she was seen in a more positive light than most of the other giants that ruled over darker forces.

Skadi was actually represented in Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales “The Snow Queen” and “The Ice Princess”. Which Disney recently adapted to the hit movie Frozen. The original story differed greatly in that the Snow Queen kidnapped a boy to keep her company and his friend went to rescue him. Whereas the Disney adaptation was about two sisters; one of which has magic powers and runs away to keep her sister safe while the other goes on a journey to bring her back. Oh Disney.
Strange that they got this all from a giant who chose her husband cause she liked his feet.


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