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Schreiner Sports: Men and Women’s Soccer

Centenary College visited Kerrville, TX to face Schreiner Men’s Soccer Team. The Mountaineers were down quick due to a Centenary goal in the 11th minute. Mountaineers had little time to react from a corner kick that was  headed into the net. The score remained the same until the second half where freshman Gregg Gutierrez scored with the assisted heel pass from Ryan Hernandez. Both teams seemed to be evenly matched because the ball traveled up and down the field the rest of the game. Two overtimes later in the 117th minute Sophomore Chase Smith provided Schreiner with the game winning goal after dribbling past a defender from almost midfield followed by the upper 90 goal.  The Mountaineers also faced Colorado College on Friday but came up short with a 2-1 loss. Men’s Soccer resumes on Friday as they face Trinity in San Antonio.


The Schreiner’s women’s soccer team fought hard in won against Centenary and won in overtime. The final score was 1-0.  The goalie, Morant had two saves throughout the game.  Su has already scored more goals and won more games than they did last season. There were many injuries throughout the game. One of our players Sarah suffered an MCL tear. Within the first minute won of centenary’s players had to be checked for a concussion. Many fouls were called through out the game. The Head Coach at Centenary received a yellow card for making a racist comment to one of the refs. It was a brutal game. In the 7th minute in overtime Beth Davis scored the winning goal by placing the ball underneath the cross bar. The Centenary goalie jumped to reach it but could not. A very exciting well played game was played Friday. Next the Schreiner University girls battle the Trinity Tigers this Friday.


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I am a Senior at Schreiner University in Kerrville, TX. My main passion is product photography.

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