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Muffin Bars… Who Knew?

Don’t underestimate muffins just because they aren’t as cute as cupcakes, but these are on a whole new level because they’re convenient like a granola bar and just as good as the traditional breakfast muffin. I know they don’t seem like anything worthy of an entire blog post, but the next time you’re in HEB just give them a try.

They are the HEB brand, and they’re really affordable at $2.25 for a box of 8 muffin bars. They come in a variety of flavors of course such as strawberry, blueberry, and chocolate chip. However I was introduced to them with the carrot cake flavor, once again by my boyfriend who is a notorious snack-buying fiend. I felt it appropriate for the season to suggest the ever popular pumpkin spice flavor as well, seeing as it is finally that time of year.

muffin bars c   muffin bars s

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