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Myth Madness: P’an Chin Lien

One of the best things about Chinese mythology is the great humor behind all the stories. Most all the gods and goddesses of China were once humans and have been immortalized after death. Meaning that they will usually have a lot of flaws. Rather than cover these mistakes up, the Chinese seem to highlight them!

So to follow with that theme I wanted to chose a very odd god to talk about. I’m a little nervous to cover this particular one, but I find that she’s very interesting.


So without further ado, I introduce you to P’an Chin Lien, the goddess of prostitutes.

You really should have seen that coming.

P’an Chin Lien is a relatively short and simple one. She was once a human woman married to Wa Ta-lang. But… she was a pretty liberal gal who liked to get “inventive” with her favors towards men. Eventually she was widowed and she continued her affairs as she pleased. She got a little too friendly though, and her father in law decapitated her.

Little extreme, but hey it was a different time.

Some of P’an Chin Lien’s more “professional” associates honored her death and she became the goddess of prostitutes that we know today.

Some of the stories differ in slight details, such as if it was the father in law or the brother in law who killed her. Some stories even say that she fell in love with another man named Hsi-men Ch’ing after her husband died and not that she slept with dozens of other men. Although there are many subtle differences, they are all pretty similar.

After becoming a goddess she now roams the countryside seducing men with her whip.


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