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Myth Madness: Chinnamasta


Whelp. I guess the title “Myth Madness” is appropriate since all I do is choose the weirdest gods review.

On today’s episode of “why in the world did people worship this?” we have a guest star from India by the name of Chinnamasta! Sure, she looks very beautiful with her head on but that’s just it: her head can come off.

Chinnamasta literally translates into “she whose head is severed” and she is described in Hindu and Buddist works as being naked and holding her own severed head. That just about covers it. Oh, I guess she’s also considered the god of courage and discernment for the beginners. But how is supposed to inspired courage to beginners if she scares them away with her severed head?

She also activates chakra in our body. When she does this a while cloud of smoke with a triangle and lotus appears. Rati and Manmata emerge from the lotus in a, and I promise I’m not making this up, copulating position. Above all that Chinnamasta appears holding her severed head with three jets of blood spurting from her neck. Maybe she inspires courage by scaring them so bad that nothing will ever effect them again.


There are a couple of theories as to how Chinnamasta’s head got cut off. The first one being that a number of hindu gods and demons were extracting an immortality elixir. Chinnamasta drunk the demon’s share of the elixir and then decapitated herself to prevent them from reclaiming it. Sounds a little extreme and selfish if you ask me. Was cutting her head off really the only way to prevent the demons from getting it back?

Despite her ferocious appearance, Chinnamasta is actually a kind goddess that helps people. I guess I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I still think I would high tail it out of there if she ever popped up from her lotus in front of me.

The second theory on how Chinnamasta lost her head is that she and her attendents were bathing too long and got super famished. So, wanting to be a beneficial goddess, Chinnamasta decided to cut her head off so that her handmaidens could stave off the hunger by drinking her blood that came jutting out in three perfect streams.


How…generous? In the picture you can see that even her own head is drinking the blood from her neck. How does that even work? Well, at least there were just enough streams of blood for the three of them.

Despite her ferocious appearance, Chinnamasta is actually a very kind and benevolent goddess.


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