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Women battled against austin college and lost 1-0 last weekend. The mountaineers came out ready to play but feel short on scoring. This is the fifth game in a row that they have lost by one point. Mandi Sherwood from Austin College scored the game winning goal. The sot was at the top of the net just above what the goalie can reach jumping. Outstanding performance goes to number 3 Alex Gill again. She has fought hard offensively and defensively to recover the ball and maintain possession. Ruth Blackburn took two shots at the goal but was unsuccessful in both attempts. The goalie Megan Morant had five saves. The mountaineers fought hard but came up short. Tomorrow there is even tougher competition. The mountaineers will face trinity for the last time this season. The Women soccer team needs to pull out one more win in order to make it into the conference tournament.

Last friday the men’s soccer team rematched agains The University of Dallas. If you can remember back to last week I reported the game between these two teams. Their last encounter with them came down to the very end. Both teams seemed evenly matched, but UD came out on top last time. This game was not all that exacting. It only took eleven minutes till the first goal was made, and that is all the Dallas needed to win this game. Each team shot eight times, but our own sophomore Blake Lawson had five saves of his own. Last sunday Schreiner also faced Austin College and were lucky enough to win 2-0. They rematched the next week having to go into OT. While in OT The Mountaineers came victorious with a 4-3 win. Be on look out for the next game on October 17th as the Mountaineers face Trinity at home.


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I am a Senior at Schreiner University in Kerrville, TX. My main passion is product photography.

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