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Are You Ready for Pumpkin Flavored Everything?


I recently undertook the monumental task of baking a pumpkin roll for my boyfriend’s birthday. It was an interesting experience to say the least. The mix that I bought was very helpful however, and like all interesting snacks I find, I bought it from Cracker Barrel for $4.99. Hey this is fall, lets take advantage of all the pumpkin things we can get.

I essentially bought a pumpkin roll kit, containing the mix for the cake and mix for the cream cheese icing. Of course I had to supply the other ingredients such as butter, eggs, and lots of powdered sugar. I suppose a pumpkin roll could function as a snack item or a dessert, we at least  had it as a snack, munching on it here and there throughout the day.

I know there are many ways to make them, either with the cake mix, the canned pumpkin found at the grocery store, you can even buy ones from the bakery. In fact, if pumpkin isn’t your thing, I saw red velvet and carrot cake rolls at HEB over the weekend. But I highly suggest making your own, it doesn’t take very long and it’s quite easy, it’s almost impossible to mess up (unless you burn it of course). Another benefit of making your own is the possibility for customization, like adding pecans or raisins to your cake batter, or changing up the icing. I’d definitely like to bake another and mess around with the ingredients a bit.

Happy snacking!


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