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Myth Madness: Altjira


So I realized I have yet to cover a male god. That changes now.

So this week my partner wanted me to over Australian, or Aborigine, gods. When I was scrolling through the wikipedia site trying to decide on which god to do I came across a very interesting one called Barraiya. But, since I’ve already been pretty risque in my assignments when I researched the Chinese goddess of prostitutes, I’ll leave it up to you to find out he is about. Do it now kids! Make sure grandma helps you!

I must be hanging around my roommates too much. I’m sorry my humor recently has been equal to that of a 12 year old boy.

So for real now, we’re going to cover the aborigine god Altjira. Sique! Before we can do that I need to explain some basic fundamentals of Aborigine lore. Before the world began there was a period of time called Dreamtime. This is when all the ancient spirits of all the tribes walked the Earth in a state of dreaminess. Now all the gods are sleeping underground but apparently shamans can still communicate with the Dreamtime past if they, and I quote, “inhale the right substances”. (

I’m not going to be coy about it. It sounds like they are getting high to me.

But I digress. This Dreamtime was all overseen by the one and only Altjira! Whoop whoop! I bet ya thought I wasn’t getting anywhere with this, BUT I WAS. Altjira is an aborigine god thought to have created the Earth and supplied humans with all that they might need…

And then promptly left us sitting here without any idea what to do. But thankfully we were in the Dreamtime state and were somehow able to dream our way through I guess.

Altjira’s title is the “god of the sky” since after he gave us everything we needed he decided that was way too much work and retired to the sky to watch over us. Seemed he got all his duties for a life time out of the way because after that it doesn’t mention anything more about him except for his various wives and daughters. Guess he’s using his retirement time very wisely.

Also, for whatever reason all the pictures of Altjira depict him with Emu feet but all his daughters have dog feet. Not that I can find a SINGLE picture of this guy.

Modern References:


Altjira made an appearance in the marvel comics! X-men Longshot was instructed to enter the Dreamtime but when he fell asleep, a strange creature (Altjira) slapped him awake! They then proceeded to duke it out but the strange creature could shape shift.

So in other words, it was only Altjira in the name from what I read.


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