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Myth Madness- Austrailian Myth!


Barring technical difficulties with the last few posts I’m back with some Aussie myths. So there’s this totally rad sea turtle by the name of Wayamba.

Wayamba was married to Goo-Goor-Gaga, a donkey and was about to lay numerous eggs. The donkey, possibly because he couldn’t understand why she needed to lay eggs in the traditional fashion of turtles, would always quarrel with his wife over the possible dangers of losing her young. Wayamba ended up going to the creek side anyway, ignoring her husbands inane requests to lay her eggs in a tree or just somewhere else so they wouldn’t be lost in a flood.

GGG (abbreviated for my sanity) followed Wayamba, but sent his messenger pigeons down to spy and tell his wife to come back. Wayamba ignored the requests and responded that if he wanted her, for GGG to come down and get her himself. As the pigeons returned they were attacked by an old lover of Wayamba; a snake by the name of Ooyu-bu-li. GGG smashed the snake and laughed like a literal jackass while going into a heroic monologue. The problem in this was that it scared Wayamba as she thought her husband had gone mad.

Wayamba ran off as quick as she could, and lay her eggs miles away from the original camp. After her deed was done, she was confronted by a very confused brush Turkey. They exchanged ideals and philosophy, but also asked curiously about their clan’s egg laying. Woggon, the turkey, ended up running off to tell her husband about this odd way of laying eggs. Her husband was skeptical, as it was breaking tradition. However he did allow Woggon to make a nest by the turtle eggs to see if they would indeed hatch.

They did of course, as sea turtles know no other way. Woggon had a new found determination and decided that they would try this. She laid an egg every other day and added a mass of sticks, earth, and brush to the mound. After some time passed however she grew restless and worried that she killed her chicks. She scratched away all the earth to reveal her children. The baby chicks were very strong and independent, and much more advanced than before. Woggon managed to change the birth ritual of their tribe, thus gaining the name “Mound Builders.”

Now is this a Hero? Definitely. The simple fact that she did what she knew was best and ended up benefiting an entire other tribe of animals surely makes her quality enough to be considered a Hero. Most Aussie stories involve the myriad of animals that grace their shores. Thanks for your time and we’ll see you next week!


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