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Myth Madness: Huitzilopochtli


That’s right folks, that title is not a typo. Huitzilogochtli, who for my sake and yours I shall now call Senor Hui, is one of the fearsome Aztec gods!

Most of y’all know about the Aztec gods, right? Best known for their ruthlessness and need for daily blood sacrifices? And I mean a LOT of human sacrifices, like, it’s a miracle they still had enough people to supply all those sacrifices. We all think it’s so barbaric and inhumane to perform these rituals. I imagine if someone tried it today they would be lynched on the spot.

But back then, rather than being depressed that you were chosen to be sacrificed, it was considered a great honor! And not in just a way that you are trying to look like you’re doing your religious duties, but Aztecs were sincerely down with being sacrificed. People lined up down the block just to be chosen.


Not quite the same, but you get the point. People competed in football matches where the winner gets killed. And they liked it.

They didn’t do this just for funsies. No. They believed that their gods needed constant supplies of fresh blood less the god wither and die. So I guess either way you’ll die. Why not make a sport out of it?

Senor Hui was especially in need of lots of blood sacrifices. He was the handsome god of the sun and war.


Although I’m not sure if the word “handsome” comes to mind.

Before you think this god is just some bloodthirsty monster, you better know that he has this hellah sad backstory. So that makes all the killing alright, right? Because he’s hot and “misunderstood”?

Yes I’m looking at you, all you fangirls who swoon over horrible bad guys and think that a tragic backstory makes all the horrible deeds they did okay.

LokiSasuke draco

Yeah. No.

Brief rant aside, Senor Hui was born from the Earth Mother Coatlicue (seriously, these NAMES) when she was impregnated with a ball of feathers (what), but she was beheaded before he was born. So he popped out of her some time later all “Who killed my mama?! I want REVEEEENNNGGE!”

Insert plot twist, his own brothers and sister, Centzonuitznaua and Coyolzauhqui (did they pick letters out of a hat and add a z or x whenever they felt like it?) were the ones who killed mama! Those jerks!

So armed and ready for action, Senor Hui teamed up with a fire snake and set out to kill his siblings.

Well… turns out his brothers consisted of all the stars so he went out and destroyed all 400 of them before going at his sister who is now a bodyless moon goddess.

Senor Hui went on to become the number one Aztec god and the number one stealer of hearts. Literally. He got up to 70,000 sacrifices in one go. How did this nation survive?

He sometimes takes form as an Eagle with a snake in his mouth sitting on a cactus. Sound familiar? Well, it should. That very eagle sits right in the center of the Mexican Flag. It was believed, or at least its a legend, that when the Aztecs spotted this eagle they knew where they would settle down because their gods led them there. That legend inspired the coat of arms of the current Mexican flag!



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