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The Schreiner Volleyball team played on Tuesday October the 28th. In the season they have won 3 games. Unfortunately, they continued their losing streak Tuesday. They lost all three of their games but only by a few. Watching volleyball from the beginning to now there is a completely different team. These girls seemed to mesh together a lot better. There were still so incidents where they need to talk but overall have improved greatly over the semester. They fought hard against Howard Payne and was actually winning for a little or make an impressive comeback. Each set they would only lose by a few points instead of a double digit number at the beginning of the season. The teams kills were harder and faster than ever. Lauren Mcqueen had 9 kills and Alyssa Chapman had 7. This weekend the Volleyball team hosts a tournament at Schreiner. Hopefully, the SU volleyball girls can get a few more wins under their belt.

The men’s soccer team had a long weekend after visiting Colorado Springs, on Friday October 26th, they headed to Shrevesport on Sunday. Here they would start off the match slow with no goals in the first half, and the Gents having an early goal in the first 7 minutes. Senior Justin Edwards came out in the second half ready to play. He received a pass from Rene Pena and scored to put the Mountaineers tied. After this goal the rest of the team felt his momentum and only fifteen minutes later we had our leading goal. Blake Lawson was lucky to get six blocked shots in the match and only allowing one to get by. The men went 1-1 this weekend, and hope to get another win tomorrow as they face Texas Lutheran at 1pm in Seguin for their last regular season game.


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I am a Senior at Schreiner University in Kerrville, TX. My main passion is product photography.

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