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Unusual Halloween Candy

Since Halloween is upon us, I decided to feature 5 interesting and unusual Halloween candies. I did a little research on the topic and though I’d share my finds. I wanted to stray away from the traditional Twizzlers and Snickers and delve into something a little more strange.

I found this amazing website called where you can actually buy all of these weird creations


1.Scorpion Suckers

Is this creepy enough for you? This takes strange candy to a whole new level. I had seen things like this before, but now I can say I’ve found a time where bugs and candy work together. Would I ever eat this? Probably not, but they can’t be that bad. I hope they remove the stingers before they make these things! You can buy a pack of 4 at Candy Warehouse for $12.


2. Gummy Internal Organs

The website describes these as being “freshly harvested from deceased giant gummy bears.” These anatomically correct gummies come in a variety of flavors and includes brains, kidneys, hearts, and intestinal tracts. It comes in a package of 38 and each piece is individually wrapped. This would be something fun to hand out to trick or treaters.


3. Chocolate First Aid Bandages

Need I say more? These are weird, and strangely adorable. They sure are for life’s boo boos because we all know chocolate is always the answer. These would make you the sensation of your neighborhood on Halloween or they would at least make an interesting party favor. They come individually wrapped like real bandages, in packages of 7 for $6.50 on Candy Warehouse.


4. Giant 1 Pound Gummy Heart

Behold. I can’t imagine a more appropriate time to buy a gigantic gummy heart than Halloween. How cool would it be see this on a platter at a Halloween party? Cut it into pieces and serve it to your guests, or use it as a gory costume prop! Apparently it only comes in cherry flavor and is $15 on Candy Warehouse.


5. Liquid Candy Blood Bags

Ok so this has to be one of the coolest candy concepts I’ve ever seen. So dramatic, so weird, so gruesome. This could also be used as a costume prop if you like. These come at the reasonable price of $2.75 a piece or 12 for $33 if you buy the case. They would make interesting party favors as well. The website doesn’t list the weight of each bag, but I believe these only come in cherry flavor too. What a way to wrap up a post about interesting Halloween candy.

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween and a great weekend, eat lots of candy!


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