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Gnosco – Happy Halloween!

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Whoops! I completely forgot to post this last night (bad me, no biscuit), but I think it’s better later than never. How about a creepy story for Halloween?

Too long (in my opinion) to be a short story, certainly too short to be a book, this H.P. Lovecraft story is a thing of its own kind. I’m a lightweight when it comes to scary – so this is about as deep as I’ll ever get into any potential “horror” ever. Just like its companions in his literary arsenal (especially The Rats in the Walls and another one whose title I can’t recall), this one creeped me out! But unlike that other scary story I refuse to mention again, it wasn’t in a gross, brain-bleach-needing way. This one was a balanced enough for me to want to read again – and that’s saying something, because it’s borderline zombies (I hate zombies).

To sum it up in one sentence: medical student is obsessed with bringing people back to life in the worst way, gets what is coming to him. Perhaps that doesn’t sound too exciting. I wouldn’t read it based off of that description. So think about it from his friend’s point of view, who has watched and helped with many questionable experiments. This man is being questioned by the police on West’s disappearance. This loyal friend, who was a witness to the terrible events the night prior, is struggling with the recollection of what happened to West. He tells the story of the reanimator from the beginning of his horrible studies to the last memories he has of West from the night before, which he cannot guarantee the truthfulness of. How many awful ways to get a fresh dead body can you think of? But, it wasn’t fresh enough. What will it take to stop West? Read it and find out – the results are quite interesting.

Read it here.



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