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More Candy Posts? Sorry, I Just Can’t Help Myself

Ok so I just wrote out this whole post and as I was going to submit it, I exited out of the tab accidentally. I wasn’t able to recover my draft, so here I go. Now that it’s late, I’ll have to keep this post shorter than the original. But anyhow, I wanted to talk about my favorite confections, the ones I’ve reached for again and again.

1. Sour Patch Watermelon

This is something I’ve been head over heels with since I was in elementary school when I first discovered them. I always take these to the movies with me or pick them up from the drug store when I know I’ll be up late working on homework. They’re sweet, sour, and wonderfully immature. I just can’t get enough.


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2. Swedish Fish

This candy really takes me back to being with my Grandparents at Christmas time, riding in the car to look at all the lights around the town. While I prefer the original red fish, the other flavors are wonderful too. This is also something I see all the time at work. I suppose these are kind of old fashioned? This is a candy I not only enjoy for the taste, but for their sentimentality.


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3. Godiva Dark Chocolate with Raspberry

While I love my childish gummy candies, I love my chocolate. However I am very picky about it, specifically I prefer European chocolate like Milka, Ritter Sport, and Hanuta. There is a unique tactile experience that comes with this specific Godiva bar. The snap of the bittersweet dark chocolate transitions into the sweet raspberry jelly then you get a tiny crackly crunch from the raspberry seeds. It’s always been something I take anytime I can get.



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