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Cook N Class: Lasagna Combo Loco!

I love it when HEB has a promotion that truly is worth while! Last week’s Combo Loco paid off by having a tasty dinner offer. With the purchase of a pre-made lasagna (about $7.00) you got a garlic loaf, ice cream, and frozen green beans for free!

The lasagna was easy to make, it just takes about an hour in the oven to cook. The green beans and bread were also easy to warm up in oven/ microwave. I served them all together and everything tasted pretty good. The lasagna I bought was the “vegetables in vodka sauce”. It tasted pretty good, just keep in mind that it is processed food and your expectations will be low enough to enjoy it. Same goes with the green beans. (We ended up not saving any of these for leftovers) The free frozen garlic bread was fine, but not as good the garlic Texas Toast that HEB also sells. And last but not least, the dessert! I haven’t bought ice cream for months, so that was a real treat. I had my choice of any flavors available but I chose Neapolitan because I feel that I get three flavors for the price of one!


You can tell Thanksgiving is coming up because HEB is really pushing the coupon savings. On last week’s shopping visit, I saved $14.97 on my receipt. To date, the most I have ever “saved” was about $25. Maybe I can break that next week, the weekly flyer looks promising…


Dana Saul


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