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I Know it’s Cold Out, but Come On, You Know You Want it

What I’m referring to is the absolutely amazing gelato by Breyers called Gelato Indulgences in the flavor Vanilla Caramel. I bought this yesterday at HEB because I’ve been sick due to the recent extreme weather change. I figured I’d treat myself since I have a terrible sore throat and ice cream always helps. It’s good for your soul! I’d had other types of gelato by Haagen Dazs and Talenti which I loved, so I decided to try this for the first time because logic says “how could anyone mess up caramel and vanilla?”

Well let me tell you this stuff was churned by the Gods. Maybe it’s just me because I’m a caramel eating fool. It’s really smooth and creamy vanilla gelato with overwhelming amounts of caramel throughout, topped off with shavings of caramel candy. The most similar thing I can compare the taste to is the Werther’s Original caramel creme candies. It’s super sweet so I think it kind of discourages one from eating too much of it in one sitting. Also it was a pretty good deal, in the $4 range for the 28.5 oz container.

I highly recommend trying it for yourself. I don’t remember the other flavors they have available, but I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as bad ice cream or gelato. So since it is flu season and a lot of people seem to be under the weather, treat yourself with something worthwhile.



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