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Myth Madness! Hawaiian Laka the great…canoe builder? Hula.


Okay so in some cultures she was a canoe builder. (and a man). Though in hawaiian culture she’s a bit more interesting to be sure. She ends up having many adventures sailing the islands of hawaii to avenge the murder of her father. During the trip the various small forest gods end up trapping her and destroying her canoe’s. She appeases them and they gift her two outriggers to complete her journey.

After which, or before I’m not entirely sure. She becomes a deity, one of the forest, hula, and fertility. Why do almost ALL the hero’s outside of Western mythology end up being gods or sum such? Makes my job on this blog a bit harder. That being said she gets a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. She’s the sister of Pele in some stories, making her a god from the get go. Being the goddess of hula almost every dance is done in her honor at least in some respect.  In fact after hula dances in her honor specifically, the altar of plants assembled for her is dismantled and set to the river to honor her even more.

Thats about all I could find, Hawaii doesn’t seem to have very many violent or crazy myth’s, and some of them spawn from their large Japanese community. – this blog helped me a ton for this post. seriously props you were the only one google led me to that was worth a damn.


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