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Gnosco: Book Goals


One great way to get a goal accomplished is to write it down, and there’s a lot of books I want to read. However, I’ve got one in specific that’s near the top of my list for a special reason.

i collect old books, classic books, unusual books, etc. I picked up quite the treasure in New York this summer while visiting my family – an old softcover (not paperbacked), undated, with a little tattered attached bookmark, of Goethe’s Faust, in German. I happen to have studied German for years (it’s not the easiest language in the world, and I’m not the most attentive), and I want to continue studying it…

You can probably see where my ambitious intent crept in.

The book, the whole book, all 571 little pages of it. In German. Less than a year should cut it, right?

I’m at least allowing myself a translator for words I don’t know (no sentences).

I just have to get started.

I don’t even know if I’m going to like this book!



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