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Myth Madness: Coyote

Picture of the Native American Trickster God COYOTE from our Native American mythology image library. Illustration by Chas Saunders.

Yeah. Last week I couldn’t even pronounce the chick’s name and this time it’s just…Coyote. Well, at least I can type it this time.

Native American beliefs varied from tribe to tribe, but this diety comes from the wild west.

Native Americans are very spiritual and deep rooted in nature so many of their gods are based on animals and their surrounding world. I mean, come on, we’ve all seen the historically inaccurate Disney take on Pocahontas.

(seriously she is gorgeous and whoever animated her hair needs to be sued for eye porn because geeeezzz yeeeesss)

But what I didn’t realize was what tricksters there gods are. I imagined them all be very quiet and serious but they seem like they’re straight from a cartoon! So today I’ll talk about the biggest trickster of them: Coyote.

Now, once again, there seems to be about a million stories about him. Apparently he’s responsible for the Milky Way and the diversity of Human kind as well as being temporarily became the moon.

Yeah. Temporarily.

Someone pinched the moon, don’t ask me how, and he offered to stand in as a replacement. Everyone was really cool with it before they realized what a horrible mistake that was.

Coyote used his new position up in the sky to spy on everyone like a little brat.

He could see what anyone and everyone was doing and used this to tattletale on everyone. No one could do anything! Soon everyone got sick of this and voted him off the island, I mean moon.

And that’s the story of how he got known for being a little bleep.

He also likes to show off to all the ladies by juggling his eyeballs. Ah yes, because eyeball juggling just gets me going. Also, doesn’t he only have two eyes? I don’t think juggling two items is very impressive. Coyote needs to up his game. One day he threw it too high and got stuck in the sky and formed a star.

And now he always has an eye on us…


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