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Myth Madness! Native American Fire and Man!

So this week we’re covering Native American Mythology. Unlike a few of the past ones there were more than plenty of stories to toy with here and there and tweak into what could be considered a ‘hero’. In this case its a myth from the Alabama Tribe about how man and fire came to be such a inseparable couple.

Look at this image I found. Love it. :P

Look at this image I found. Love it. 😛

So the whole story starts with Fire belonging to Bear, and this ownership allowed bear to be warmed and to have light. They really never left home without fire beside them. Well one such day Bear and his people wandered into a forest and found acorns. Knowing better than to just take Fire into the lush woods, they left him at the edge with a few extra logs for food. Then they munched and munched on the acorns, while searching for more when the supply ran low. Eventually they ended up very deep in the forest, leaving Fire at the edge of the woods.

Sadly Fire’s supply of wood started to burn low, and he couldn’t make the jump to another log. He cried out for Bear to feed him so he wouldn’t die, but Bear and his people were so deep in the forest he could not hear the cries. But at that moment a man had passed by and heard the cries. At further investigation, Man learned that Fire fed on sticks and logs and thus fed the wood to Fire slowly.

Fire became extremely happy and danced around the sticks. Man was warmed by Fire, and kept feeding Fire sticks whenever he got hungry. Some while later Bear had returned, but Fire was furious. He burned so brightly and so hot that it scared Bear and his people away.

Thus now, Fire belongs to Man.

<.<; Sounds like one hell of an Ex-girlfriend if you as me. Leave her to do her own thing for a few moments and get burned when you come back.

Anycase, I hope you all enjoyed the little story! Thanks for reading~


Sites that really helped me! Practically wrote it for me really…-


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