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Inspirational: Colorful Artists

For this week’s Inspirational section we’ll be introducing some very colorful artists who have made a reputation for being the splash of color in a grey world. We have three … Continue reading

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Animatus: Get Inspired- Cute baby animals?

Do you ever feel a little guilty when you’re working on a project and you find yourself getting distracted by videos of kittens on the internet? Well don’t! You’re actually … Continue reading

11/29/2012 · Leave a comment

Animatus: Get Inspired- Childhood artwork

It’s safe to assume that since you’re in the design field, you drew a lot as a kid. Creativity starts at a young age. And 90% of the time your … Continue reading

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Animatus: Get Inspired – Skateboard and Longboard Grip Tape Design

Skateboards and longboards are all unique, meaning each person that owns either one has designed theirs in their own unique way. There are so many boards out there, it is … Continue reading

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Animatus: Get Inspired- Different eras

The evolution of art and design has been going on since early caveman, and though design has “grown” exponentially over the years, sometimes a designer needs to look back in … Continue reading

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Animatus: Get Inspired – Halloween Costumes

Now that Halloween is over, everyone is posting their costumes on their Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter… you get the idea. Don’t just browse through them mindlessly, there can actually be inspiration … Continue reading

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Animatus: Get Inspired- Places of inspiration

Sometimes, after being stuck staring at a blank page or computer screen, a nauseous feeling can come over you. Take a break! Get away from wherever you are! You have … Continue reading

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Animatus: Get Inspired-Giraffes!

Here’s a fun exercise to get those creative juices flowing! You’ve probably played around with blind contour drawings. If not, a blind contour drawing is simply where you draw an … Continue reading

10/18/2012 · Leave a comment
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