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Myth Madness: Nut

Yes Nut. No not like the snack in your trail mix. I’m talking about the Egyptian goddess. Nut doesn’t rule over the heavens but is the personification of the sky … Continue reading

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Look What We Can Do

In intro to Photography they are working on their final projects where they need to pick a theme and do twenty to thirty photos and make it into a movie … Continue reading

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Look What We Can Do – Principles of Drawing

In Principles of Drawing, students are done with a Pen and Ink project. The purpose of this project is exactly what it seems, and that is to produce a image … Continue reading

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Look What We Can Do…In Computer Illustration

Hello again everyone! It’s that time of week again, the time where we show you what is going on in the communication design major at Schreiner University! Yay! This week, … Continue reading

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Look What We Can Do: Senior Edition

The Communication Design has many requirements that are need to be fulfilled before we are able to graduate from the major and Schreiner University and before we are able to … Continue reading

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Look What We Can Do…In Color Theory

In Mr. Harris’s Color Theory class they have been studying the effects of color on the mind and how the world actually has no color, but that the eye processes … Continue reading

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Look What We Can Do – 3-D Design

In Intro to 3-D Design, students have finished a set of projects that demonstrate the elements of line and visual texture. Professor Marcia McCulley sent the students out with the … Continue reading

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Look What We Can Do…In Graphic Design One

Client Work This week in Graphic Design One the class is working with the Kerrville Public School Foundation to create a logo that is kid friendly and professional at the … Continue reading

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Look What We Can Do…In Digital Photography

¬†Low and High Key Why hello hello everyone! This is our first post about class projects. This week, because the project was due on October 15th, we decided to go … Continue reading

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