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Sleep Deprived? – Online Studying

This week, in homage to finals approaching quickly at Schreiner University, we will be discussing different sites to study with. StudyGS.NET This site is a HUGE resource to find almost … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprived? – How To Waste Time

This week our writers will discuss the importance of wasting time.  How important it is to waste your time effectively and what to do within that time to maximize your … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprived? – Down Time

This weeks edition of Sleep Deprived? our writers talk a little about how they relax and spend their own down time. Studies have shown that your heart is pumping at … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprived? – Online Products

In this weeks post each of our current authors for Sleep Deprived are choosing a product or object online that will help you save time in your every day life. … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprived? – Morning Routine

“Rise and Shine Ladies!” by Betty If there’s one thing that despise about being a college student is getting ready for morning classes! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprived? – Studying Habits

“Recorded Lectures” by Dayna Let’s face it: often we have all the good intentions to listen to those lectures we recorded in class. Recording them to re-listen to later was … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprived? – Your Desk

Estimated Amount of Time You Can Save from this Article: 7 – 13 hours per year: Searching for Cords 90 – 121 hours per year: Searching for Papers About 97 … Continue reading

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