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Myth Madness! Native American Fire and Man!

So this week we’re covering Native American Mythology. Unlike a few of the past ones there were more than plenty of stories to toy with here and there and tweak … Continue reading

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Party Cheese Ball

With different Holidays coming up and party’s to attend here is a great appetizer to share. Prep time 15 Minutes, Total 3hr 15 minutes   –   Serves 24 guests, 2 tbsp. … Continue reading

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Schreiner Sports

The Schreiner Basketball teams played in Oregon this weekend. The girls had their beginning games Saturday but lost 51-44. They were struggling with making their shots. Kelsie Jackson just like … Continue reading

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Myth Madness: Wendigo

Here this week on Myth Madness, we’re covering Native American myths – and the Wendigo takes the cake for the monsters. Or should I say, takes the carcass? The Wendigo … Continue reading

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Gnosco: Book Goals

One great way to get a goal accomplished is to write it down, and there’s a lot of books I want to read. However, I’ve got one in specific that’s … Continue reading

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Cook N Class: Slow Cook Pot Roast

The cold weather has spurred me to make this kitchen classic. Also there was a Combo-Loco attached to the Beef Roast I bought; I got free Dr. Pepper, potato sides, … Continue reading

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Gnosco: A Book You Couldn’t Finish

(Sorry for the lateness!) Okay, so maybe there’s some room for some light negativity. I think most people start a book now and then and just cant stomach it to … Continue reading

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Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

It is soup night in the Bell household and I made my favorite chicken and wild rice soup off of a recipe that was forwarded to me by my sister.  … Continue reading

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Myth Madness: Huaka‘i Pō, the Night Marchers

This week, we’re heading to warmer climates to seek out our creatures (and a good thing, too – it’s gotten a little too chilly on the home front). In Hawaii, … Continue reading

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I Know it’s Cold Out, but Come On, You Know You Want it

What I’m referring to is the absolutely amazing gelato by Breyers called Gelato Indulgences in the flavor Vanilla Caramel. I bought this yesterday at HEB because I’ve been sick due to the … Continue reading

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