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Musically Inclined: Music of a Nation


Music backed by a movement.

When did things change and you suddenly felt like you should fight for something? When did you feel moved to act upon something just by hearing some lyrics? Music has a way of moving into our minds and changing the way we feel. Music can spark feelings that you have deep inside. So isn’t it easy to say that you have been moved by a song? I know I have. There have been times I have heard songs and have felt moved. This happens a lot. There have been songs or musicians to totally ignite a flame in a generation and start a movement. Bob Marley a reggae singer started a movement that led many people into using Marijuana. After this movement, other reggae singers ganged together and started the Rastafari movement. The Rastafari movement is backed by the ideology of African tribes. It is referred to as spiritual and to be “A Way of Life.” Though you may believe that most musical movements are bad, think about musical movements that lead people into believing in something higher or to become a better person in society. One movement that music has taken a part in is the “Straight Edge” movement. To live “Straight Edge” is to live with out knowing drugs or alcohol. There have been many bands that have come into support this such as Memphis May Fire and Kill-switch Engage.

People believe what musicians say. Thats why things like movements occur. People think that if they can follow the life that their favorite musician follows then by someway they will become a part of something bigger. Maybe it does work that way. Maybe in a way, believing and following in the ways and life style of these musicians is a way to have hope in something. At least it sparks some type of life within these people.


What do you think about the points given?


By CJ Rodrigue and Ali Frater


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