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Cook N Class: Sign Off!

It has been swell blogging about what little recipes I have and sharing the cooking process. I look forward to cooking for the holidays this year. Thanksgiving was nice and … Continue reading

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Cook N Class

Well it has been fun, but it is time to end our journey.  I hope that everyone has enjoyed the recipes that we have shared and enjoyed them with family … Continue reading

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What Could Be Better Than Thanksgiving Pies?

Since Thanksgiving is next week, I wanted to share some awesome things we have at my work in celebration for the holidays. We have our annual spread of holiday pies … Continue reading

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Party Cheese Ball

With different Holidays coming up and party’s to attend here is a great appetizer to share. Prep time 15 Minutes, Total 3hr 15 minutes   –   Serves 24 guests, 2 tbsp. … Continue reading

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Cook N Class: Slow Cook Pot Roast

The cold weather has spurred me to make this kitchen classic. Also there was a Combo-Loco attached to the Beef Roast I bought; I got free Dr. Pepper, potato sides, … Continue reading

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Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

It is soup night in the Bell household and I made my favorite chicken and wild rice soup off of a recipe that was forwarded to me by my sister.  … Continue reading

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I Know it’s Cold Out, but Come On, You Know You Want it

What I’m referring to is the absolutely amazing gelato by Breyers called Gelato Indulgences in the flavor Vanilla Caramel. I bought this yesterday at HEB because I’ve been sick due to the … Continue reading

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Cook N Class: Lasagna Combo Loco!

I love it when HEB has a promotion that truly is worth while! Last week’s Combo Loco paid off by having a tasty dinner offer. With the purchase of a … Continue reading

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More Candy Posts? Sorry, I Just Can’t Help Myself

Ok so I just wrote out this whole post and as I was going to submit it, I exited out of the tab accidentally. I wasn’t able to recover my … Continue reading

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Cook N Class: Spaghetti, really?

Well, I guess chef Gordon Ramsey will not be knocking down my door for this recipe, but it was all I have to cook tonight.   Yes, the weekly kitchen … Continue reading

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